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Is there a safer way to survey properties with difficult terrain or alleged illegal structures? Can I get the elevations and As-Built areas for these properties?

The client had a large property and the locals were occupying the land. GGC Survey’s Professional Land Surveyors relocate the property with their titles, use the drone to take aerial photos and establish control points. Based on the aerial images, we were able to measure the existing structures within the tolerance accuracies of the client. At the same time, we were able to get elevations of the site for his future land development.

How is it useful?

  • Survey landscapes with thousands of digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D maps

  • Measure areas occupied by illegal structures easily without compromising safety

  • Use the base maps for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and build thematic maps

  • Transmission Line, Road and Railway projects

  • Drone technology provides real, measurable benefits to mining operations, reducing risk while increasing the speed and scope of geo-data

  • Humanitarian Aid and Rescue for emergency response can help rescuers work efficiently

  • Can be used for environmental protection through monitoring

  • Agriculture monitoring

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Traffic Monitoring

Tie point Map
Overlaying survey measurements on a Orthomosaic Picture
Our Drone Team at work
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