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A Flood Insurance Elevation Certificate is a document used to determine the flood risk of a property and to set the flood insurance premium rate. The certificate is typically required by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and is prepared by a licensed surveyor or engineer.

The Elevation Certificate contains information about the property's location, elevation, and flood zone designation. It includes measurements of the property's lowest floor, the elevation of the surrounding ground level, and the elevation of the base flood level. The certificate also provides details about any flood protection measures that are in place, such as floodwalls or levees.

The Elevation Certificate is used to calculate the flood insurance premium rate for a property. The premium rate is based on the property's flood risk, which is determined by the elevation of the property in relation to the base flood level. Properties that are located in high-risk flood zones and have a higher risk of flooding will typically have higher insurance premiums.

Property owners may need to obtain an Elevation Certificate if they are required to purchase flood insurance or if they are refinancing their property with a federally backed mortgage. The certificate can also be useful for property owners who want to understand their property's flood risk and take steps to mitigate any potential flooding.

Elevation Data Acquisition
Elevation Data Acquisition
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