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Up to where is the property boundary?

A boundary survey in Texas, USA is a type of land survey that is conducted to establish the precise boundary lines of a property. The surveyor will examine the legal description of the property and research any relevant deeds or other legal documents to determine the location of the property lines.


During the survey, the surveyor will physically measure and mark the property lines with stakes or other markers, and they may also note any improvements or structures located within the boundary lines. The surveyor will then create a map or plat of the property that shows the precise location of the boundary lines, as well as any relevant information about the property.


Boundary surveys in Texas are important because they help to prevent boundary disputes between neighbors, ensure that property owners are aware of their exact property boundaries, and can be used to resolve legal disputes related to property ownership.

How is it useful?

  • Establishing property boundaries: Boundary surveys can help determine the precise location of property lines, which is important when buying or selling property, obtaining building permits, or resolving boundary disputes with neighboring property owners.

  • Identifying encroachments: Boundary surveys can identify any encroachments, which are situations where a structure or improvement extends beyond the property line and onto neighboring property. This information can be used to resolve disputes and prevent legal issues in the future.

  • Providing legal documentation: The map or plat created during a boundary survey serves as legal documentation of the property boundaries, and can be used in court to establish property ownership or resolve disputes.

  • Ensuring compliance with zoning and building codes: Boundary surveys can help ensure that new construction or improvements are built within the property boundaries and in compliance with local zoning and building codes.

  • Protecting property rights: A boundary survey can help protect property owners' rights by ensuring that they are aware of their exact property boundaries and preventing encroachments by neighboring property owners.

In summary, boundary surveys are useful because they help establish property boundaries, identify encroachments, provide legal documentation, ensure compliance with zoning and building codes, and protect property rights.

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